Jerry Marotta – Drums, Percussion, Bass

World renowned drummer Jerry Marotta has graced the music of Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oats, The Indigo Girls, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Sarah McLachlan, John Meyer and many, many more. Jerry’s as comfortable holding downing a pop beat as he is laying down some percussive world rhythms.

Rupert Greenall – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Melodica

Rupert Greenall is a founding member and principal songwriter for The Fixx. Rupert’s sense of melody coupled with his working knowledge of analog and digital synths provides a crucial element of The Fragile Fate.

Eric “the” Taylor – Synths & Drones

Eric “the” Taylor’s drones are the thread that ties Rupert’s synths with Jerry’s percussion creating the foundation for The Fragile Fate.  Eric is an up and coming player in the ambient music field, most notably is his recent work with Mick Chillage in their project Architects of Existence.

Robert Rich – special guest on piano “Rolled Over” and steel guitar on “Configuration”.